Shenzhen VRTRID Technology Co., Ltd is a leading company specialized in Virtual Reality. The core members were engaged in glasses-free 3D, microelectronics, software, computer network, and platform management, optical and mechanical design, sales and marketing over several years. After investigating and assessment, we find the urgently demand for VR service platform in the market and far-reaching as well. With this faithful confirmation, VRTRID is aimed to be a VR platform operator to build a bridge between VR contents and the end devices. 
The first company to launch the VR headset in China, partners including Coolpad, Baofeng, China LITI, Nibiru and so on
Specially designed game controller and remote controller for VRTRID VR devices, and all work well.
The first VR game platform server and the only one game service server.
3D and 2D convert to 3D player, 3D VR player.
with VIP of China Liti, you can enjoy a large number of 3D movies freely in the application of 3D VR player, and if you are not in domestic, the software will automatically online display the 3D movies in youtube 
Strategic cooperative partnership with Baofeng, VRTRID user can get Baofeng VIP freely.